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Detail of the celestial globe from The Ambassadors (1533), Hans Holbein the Younger

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Orlando, who was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cipriani restaurant on Wednesday night, was very, very angry, when Justin, who didn’t have a reservation at the eatery, approached their table to try to talk to the actors.

DiCaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand, leading Bieber to provoke a fight which saw Bloom jump over a sofa to get at the 20-year-old Baby singer at the restaurant.


(x) this just keeps getting better

dicaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand


god, bieber is such a prick

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Two new posters for David Fincher's Gone Girl have arrived.

Anita Ekberg, C.1960’s


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

now and then

A number of years ago, while suffering from a mild case of ‘Scribe’s Fever’ (a form of neurasthenia common among the intelligentsia of that time), I had decided to spend the month of August in the spa town of Nebelsbad below the Alpine Sudetenwaltz — and had taken up rooms in the Grand Budapest — a picturesque, elaborate, and once widely celebrated established. I expect some of you will know it. It was off-season and, by that time, decidedly out-of-fashion; and it had already begun its descent into shabbiness and eventual demolition.


We’re not meant to save the world. We’re meant to leave it.

Interstellar (2014), dir. Christopher Nolan